Pierrine’s First Multistrand Necklace Project

I was reading my monthly magazine subscription of Beads and Beyond the other day and noticed Dawn Small, who runs Bijoux Beads in UK, had created a lovely gold based multistrand necklace based on gold chain. I enjoy working with chain and decided to do try my first multistrand necklace.

I thought I would use silver chain instead of gold and romantic purple hues. I collected all the purple based beads I had in stock and basically learnt as I went along. I really enjoy trying a new design out for the first time as I feel my creativity is more free to try out things. Like with any new design I had to change things as I went along if they did not work or I felt they would not wear well but this is all part of the learning process.

I am pleased with my end result and felt the necklace should have a name and ‘Bernadette’ sprang to mind. Not sure why, it just felt right. I think the final piece has a romantic vintage style feel to it and is elegant and stylish. If I do say so myself, I especially love the bead drop by the toggle which elegantly hangs down the back of the neck. This formation of beads was originally on the front but I decided to remove it as it did not work as it was not symmetrical.

Going forward I am hoping to try out different colours, lengths and chain formations. If you have any feedback or comments on it, do leave them for me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you like the bespoke Bernadette Necklace, it is for sale in Pierrine’s Folksy shop

To see Pierrine’s full portfolio go to http://www.pierrine.com


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