My First Attempt at a Wirework Necklace

I recently attended a Wirework Necklace workshop in Bath as I wanted to broaden my skills and see if wire and me could become friends. The answer is – I think we shared a moment together but I am not sure if we will be saving each other seats on the bus quite yet!

The course lasted 4 hours and taught us how to make 4 stations on a piece of wire to begin with and then add layer after layer to build up the overall effect. I loved picking out the beads for each layer and seeing how the overall look and colour of the necklace changed with each layer. I did not love the wire work injuries I received to my hands in the process!

I am sure it gets easier with practice and I definitely want to try this technique again as I honestly think once you have done it a couple of times, it could actually be very enjoyable and therapeutic.

I was very happy with my final piece (probably because of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it) and think it would make a lovely posh necklace to go with a summer evening dress. Now just need to find a dress to match it (what a chore!).


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