Julie and Julia

So I’ve just finished watching the film ‘Julie and Julia’ and really feel inspired. If you haven’t heard of the film it is about a cook called Julia Chick and a blogger called Julie Powell. Julie loved cooking and writing and decided to set herself a challenge and blog about her idol’s cook book. She gave herself one year to try out all the recipes in the book and blog about them. It ended up becoming so successful her story was made into a book and now a film. A truly inspirational story to all writers and bloggers I think.

It has made me stop and think about what I blog about in Pierrine’s Blog and I definitely feel I want to put more effort into it and put more of me and my personality into it. I love writing and was always quite good at writing stories at school and even won a prize once for a story I wrote about a deaf girl. What makes me want to write more is that my Granny was a great cook, an artist and a writer. She wrote a column for the Manchester News which included her drawings and a story about a certain family each week. She based it on her own family – herself, her husband, her daughter and her son (my father).

That reminds me I really should ask my dad to see her newspaper clippings. I think reading them would give me a sense of her and really inspire me. My granny used to also write and draw things for me as I was growing up. I remember one story she wrote for me about a box of jelly babies who used to come alive when nobody was watching. It was all about their adventure to get from inside the box in a kitchen to the end of the garden. I always remember my funniest part which was when the jelly babies fell out of a letter box onto a door mat and they all got covered in bristles and looked like jelly baby hedgehogs.

Anyway I digress, I am very proud of her and everything she did in life and feel I must spend more time on writing. I set up this blog to share with you my experiences of setting up a jewellery company and the journey it takes me on. Having watched Julie and Julia I feel I should share more with you than I currently am. I want to share with you the good times, hard times, fun times and maybe sometimes sad times. Hopefully you will find it just a little bit interesting and want to check back to share more with me.

Well let’s hope there is someone out there who will want to read my ramblings.

So bye for now but I promise to be back soon.



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