Pierrine Follow Friday – Week 9: Wedding Theme

Pierrine’s Follow Friday is normally when I pick a few of my fav followers on Twitter from @PierrineJewels and then mention them in a tweet and here on Pierrine’s Blog, but I started something different on Week 7 which had a good response using a theme.

This week I have chosen a WEDDING THEME.
This is for several reasons: One being that it is at this time of year when weddings are taking place all over the world, another being that it is my 2nd wedding anniversary coming up next month and I am therefore thinking about what this means to me, another being that I am attending a dear friend’s wedding next week and finally, I have just finished Pierrine’s first wedding commission.

Not all the Folksy Folk are on twitter and therefore I have linked directly to some of them on Folksy.

Debbie Carlisle Vintage Jewellery Wedding Bouquets – Vintage Button Pomander Bouquet

I chose lavender pomanders as bouquets for my bridesmaids to bring in a twist to the traditional wedding bouquets. These pomander bouquets take ‘traditional’ one step further using vintage buttons. Perfect for a vintage style wedding.

Heartfelt Handmade – Mr & Mrs Banner

These banners can be personalised for your wedding day or simply say ‘Mr & Mrs’ and I think every wedding has room for a felt banner. I also love the brightness of the colours used generally in all the designs.

Bread and Butter by Bev Jennings – Ceramic Wedding Favours

Heart shaped ceramic wedding favours which can be personalised to have the couple’s initials, the date of the wedding or even the guests’ initials. I love the soft tones in these ceramic hearts and feel these make unique wedding favours for the guests as a memory of a special day.

Jo Sweeting – Handcarved Love Pebble

My wedding gift to my husband was our initials and our wedding date carved into a heart shaped stone picked up during a walk we had together on a nearby beach to our home. I placed it on the top table in front of our place settings. I wanted to give him something with a lot of meaning to us and something that would last forever. These handcarved pebbles can be personalised for weddings.

Well I hope that has got you all in the mood for a summer of love!



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