Pierrine’s Second Wedding Commission

Well this is Pierrine’s first summer in business and I am delighted to be working on wedding commissions this summer for four brides to be. July saw my first wedding commission and last week saw the climax of working with
Pierrine’s Second Wedding Commission client.

Anna Matthews contacted me to create some new designs for her bridesmaids. It was lovely to work with her as I was able to work on new designs for necklaces and bracelets which are really classy and stunning. Anna’s bridesmaids were in a rich Purple Shade and we initially looked at a mix of 3 purple shades of pearls for a simple necklace and matching bracelet.

Having been concerned that with purple shoes, a purple dress and purple accessories there would be too much purple, we reviewed this and decided using one colour of cream rose pearls would be a stunning contrast for the bridesmaids and would match her wedding dress in ivory.

Anna obviously has an eye for quality and chose Swarovski Pearls in graduating sizes for a simple pearl necklace with a heart charm at the clasp which hangs elegantly at the neck.

Bridesmaid Necklace in Cream Rose Swarovski Pearls –

Bridesmaid Necklace – Boxed Up –

Bridesmaid Necklace – Heart Charm / Trigger Clasp –

The Bridesmaid Bracelets were made to match the necklaces using the same pearls 12mm in size. The bracelets were finished off with a single pearl hanging with an initial charm so each bridesmaid had their own personalised bracelet.

Bridesmaid Bracelet in Cream Rose Swarovski Pearls – ‘C’ Initial Charm –

Bridesmaid Bracelet – ‘V’ Initial Charm –

Bridesmaid Bracelet – ‘M’ Initial Charm – Boxed Up –

Bridesmaid Necklace and Bracelet – Boxed Up –

Bridesmaids on the Big Day wearing their necklaces and Bracelets –

More photos of the jewellery being worn on the special day to follow…………

It was a delight to work with Anna on these designs and I hope her bridesmaids were not only surprised with their gifts but loved wearing the jewellery on the big day and hopefully will get use out of them again and again. I must congratulate Anna and Rupert on their marriage and wish you well for the future.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these designs and would be happy to hear any comments.

If you like these designs and would like to enquire about using Pierrine’s bespoke wedding jewellery service please contact me on –


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