My mother’s first Pierrine Gift

Yes I know I can’t believe it has taken me a whole year to make something for my mother but because she has such classy taste I was almost nervous to do something for her! It was her birthday yesterday so I took the plunge and made her a Striking Chunky Necklace.

Her favourite colour is yellow so I definitely wanted to include this colour and I know she finds trigger clasps hard to use so would need to have an easy to use fastening. I popped along to my local craft shop and found some beads I had not used before. They were black onyx and some flat rectangular yellow beads. I initially thought of just using the flat yellow beads but then when I saw the black oval beads I decided to mix them up with brass ball spacers to separate them.

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The finished piece was quite different to anything I have done before but I feel it is a striking chunky piece of jewellery which hopefully she will get lots of compliments about. My mother loves the necklace and I noticed her stroking the flat beads after wearing it for a while. She said they were quite soothing and comforting to feel so hopefully she will feel soothed and comforted wearing it.

The necklace feels substantial when wearing it but not too heavy. I think it helps that the beads are flat and therefore lie flat against the neck. This was an easy necklace to put together but looks very effective.

I am now looking into making different variations of it so if you fancy buying this necklace for yourself or as a gift contact me at –


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