Looking Back Over 2010 and Forward to 2011

Happy New Year. I hope your enjoyed your Christmas. I can’t believe how quickly it went by!

Wow what a year 2010 has been for me. I can honestly say that at the start of 2011 I am feeling an immense positive feeling towards this year. 2010 definitely threw up some challenges for me but I feel this year is going to be a very exciting and fulfilling one for me and Pierrine.

To highlight some of the things I did in 2010 that I am proud of:

– Completed a PTLLS (Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) Course with a Level 4 (this sets me up for teaching / training adults in jewellery making if I wish to branch out at any point with Pierrine and also brought me confidence when I probably needed it the most in 2010).

– Ran 6 miles as part of the Guernsey Marathon in a Relay Team (seeming I thought my legs were made for walking up until 4 weeks before the marathon, I was chuffed I completed the 6 miles in an hour and am now a keen jogger / runner).

– Started working as a Marketing Officer and Copywriter for The Best of Guernsey. I really feel this line of work suits my skills and interests well and am happy to be heading in a creative direction. (If you have not heard of The Best of Guernsey before why not check out The Best of Guernsey Website)

– Won Best Dance Choreographer whilst taking part in the It’s a Knockout Event (it’s a silly thing but I was happy as I got 3 of the judges votes and nobody else got 2 or 3)

– Had my first Pierrine Jewellery Party

– Had my first year of business for Pierrine including Wedding Commissions

– Attended a Silver smithing Jewellery Course with Wink in Guernsey and made my first silver piece of jewellery

– Lost over a stone in weight

– Finished work on our cottage

– Became a mum (not in the baby sense but my husband and I became parents to a pet Blue Cray Fish)

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So now looking forward to what I want for 2011:

– Determined to keep the weight I have lost off and lose another half a stone

– Have another year of Pierrine Wedding Commissions

– Attend my first Wedding Fayre with Pierrine

– Finish reading Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly and make my first piece of stamped jewellery

– Make time to open up my Art Clay Silver Starter Kit and make my first piece of art clay at home (I attended a day course in 2009 on this and love how you don’t need lots of fancy equipment and can do it from home).

– Watch Foo Fighters and The Script live in concert (tickets bought just waiting for March and July. Would love to see The Kings of Leon and Stevie Wonder live but not sure this will happen in 2011).

– Enter the Race for Life and run the whole course in 30 minutes or less

– Enter the Guernsey Marathon Relay again improving my running time from 2010

I think that just about does it. I generally want to continue being true to myself and looking after number one whilst caring for those around me.

I know I probably won’t succeed all of the above but I know I will have fun trying!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, Pierrine and my life choices over the last year and seen that the changes were for the best. I am a much happier person now so it was all worth it.

Enjoy 2011 – make it a year of dreams coming true.


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