14 Days of Love Results

14 Days of Love Much Loved Business Accolade

Firstly I must thanks all of those who took time out to support Pierrine and provide a testimonial on The Best of Guernsey website during the 14 Days of Love campaign, which is now ended.

I am delighted to let you know how Pierrine placed:

Top 20 Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey‘ as – 15th
Most Loved Business in Jewellery Category 2011‘ in the UK, CI and IOM – as 5th

I can now use the ‘Much Loved Business’ as voted by local people accolade (above). I am so delighted with the results as Pierrine is a small company which I run on my own in my spare time.

If you have not yet provided Pierrine with a testimonial and would like to, please do so directly on the Pierrine ‘Add a Testimonial’ page.

Thank you for your time and support.



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