Exclusive Pierrine Designs – Bella Spa

I was delighted to be approached by Hayley Fox to provide the ‘Bella Spa‘ in Guernsey with an exclusive range of Pierrine jewellery designs to stock in the Bella Boutique.

Hayley asked me to design a bracelet for her daughter a few months ago and was so delighted with it that she saw an opportunity for me to design some new jewellery which could be sold exclusively through her shop when it opened. I was given an idea of the Spa’s potential clientele and the type of jewellery Hayley liked and would want to stock in the shop and came up with a few initial designs to see how they will be received.

Bella Spa opened this week and I was invited to the Opening Evening last night and I was quietly proud to see my jewellery on their shelves. I am in the process of making more designs and feel this is the beginning of something special for me. Since starting Pierrine in 2009, I have always wanted to stock my jewellery in a shop but was keen to find the right place where the designs would be seen at their best and be marketed to suitable potential buyers. Bella Spa seems the perfect answer for my Bella Bracelets:

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Having recently had jewellery photography training, I spent time on taking pictures of the new designs to show them off to their best and am keen to share these latest designs exclusive to Bella Boutique with you and would love to hear your comments.

For more information about Bella Spa, go to Bella Luce Hotel Website.

More to follow so keep checking the ‘Bella Spa’ section of the Pierrine Website for the latest designs.


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