Pierrine ‘Star Email’ in Beads and Beyond Magazine!

Just had to let you know how excited I am today.

I received my August copy of Beads and Beyond Magazine and opened it to find that my email to them about some recent Pierrine designs had made their ‘Star Email’ winning me a £50 voucher and £50 goody bag for Beads Unlimited!

Beads and Beyond Magazine – August 2011 Issue:

Beads and Beyond Magazine - August 2011 Issue

I am so chuffed and honoured. I read this magazine every month ever since I picked up my first copy back in 2009 when I started Pierrine and it has been a constant source for ideas and new beads. I haven’t written in to them until now but really felt they needed to know how they inspire me. I had been thinking about creating some new designs with existing beads in my collection and they came to the rescue with their ‘Designer Challenge’ in their May edition which had nautical / patriotic themes. I created several different pieces having been inspired and wrote a blog about them.

Pierrine Nautical / Patriotic Designs:

Seafun Earrings

Seafun Necklace

Royal Wedding Earrings

Pierrine Royal Wedding Bracelet

Three of these designs even made it into the article, which is amazing and their feedback to me was so encouraging to read:

“Hi Nicole
I’m glad you liked our nautical/patriotic designer challenge! Initially we commissioned nautical jewellery, but as the Royal Wedding got closer and closer we decided to include that theme too, it fit so perfectly!
The red, white and blue colour scheme you have used in some of your jewellery pieces look so clean and sophisticated! I really do love them! Thank you for sharing your jewellery making ideas with us, your goody bag is on its way to you!”

Pierrine is ‘Star Email’: (P.22 in Beads and Beyond Magazine – August 2011 issue)

Pierrine 'Star Email' in Beads and Beyond Magazine - August 2011 Issue

Pierrine 'Star Email' in Beads and Beyond Magazine - August 2011 Issue

Pierrine 'Star Email' in Beads and Beyond Magazine - August 2011 Issue

You can read my email to Beads and Beyond Magazine in full below:

Dear Beads and Beyond Magazine

I hope you are all well.

I’ve been making jewellery since the end of 2009 and have set up my own small business called Pierrine (www.pierrine.com).

Reading Beads and Beyond Magazine is a monthly ritual and I love it when the postie drops it through my letterbox and I give myself some special ‘me’ time to sit somewhere quiet and look through it. I asked for an annual subscription for Christmas and now don’t have to worry about getting it from the newsagent.

I was asked to hold a Pierrine Jewellery Party as part of a hen party and wanted to make some new designs which were brighter and fresher for the spring / summer whilst using some beads I had in stock, rather than buying new ones. Whilst looking through the May issue of Beads and Beyond I came across the Designer Challenge section where the theme was nautical / patriotic with red, white and blue beads.

I love the idea of the ‘Plaited Patriotic Bangle by Beth Ratheram’ and decided to make a necklace which incorporated a thread of beads twisting around the main design using blue and white as the colour theme. I also made some matching earrings and I have named them the ‘Seafun Necklace’ and ‘Seafun Earrings’ as I felt this suited them (attached).

I also went on to make the ‘Royal Wedding Bracelet’ and ‘Royal Wedding Earrings’ (attached) which I proudly wore on 29th April for Kate and Will’s wedding. This was inspired by the ‘Nautical Charm Bracelet by Helen Harle’. I even blogged about my inspiration for the ‘Royal Wedding Bracelet’ in the Pierrine Blog

Thanks for the continued inspiration Beads and Beyond. I look forward to creating more designs with your help.

Kind regards,


I am so encouraged to continue creating and trying out new designs and this has really boosted my confidence.

Thank you Beads and Beyond Magazine and I can’t wait to use my voucher and make more jewellery with what’s inside my goody bag when it arrives.

Must go and read the rest of the magazine now. Got a bit side tracked funnily enough!


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