Nicole Humphries – Wedding Commission

Nicole Humphries married Andy Holmes on the 16th July 2011 and I was delighted to be approached by Nicole to make some jewellery for her bridesmaids to wear on the big day.

Nicole lives in the UK now so offered her two local bridesmaids the opportunity to meet with me and discuss their ideas. Their dresses were going to be a deep purple so with purple shoes so I suggested using ivory beads to make a classic contrast rather than go for more purple. The bridesmaids loved the Pierrine Initial Charm Bracelets and thought that Nicole would find these a suitable accessory for their dresses. These seem to be very popular and are soon becoming my bestseller!

I contacted Nicole to let her know what we were thinking and she was happy and trusted her bridesmaids to make the right choice so the bracelets were made and given to the bridesmaids. Poor Nicole didn’t get to see them for herself until a few days before the wedding, but thankfully she liked what she saw!

Bridesmaid Bracelets with initial charms:

Bridesmaid Bracelet - Cream Rose Swarovski Pearls with 'A' Initial Charm.

Bridesmaid Bracelet - Cream Rose Swarovski Pearls with 'L' Initial Charm.

Bridesmaid Bracelet - Cream Rose Swarovski Pearls with 'K' Initial Charm and matching earrings.

I always make sure my jewellery is nicely packaged up so that brides don’t have to worry about wrapping them or anything.

Bridesmaid Bracelet and Earrings Boxed Up

We decided to not make matching necklaces as their dresses had a detailed side strap and there would be enough going on around their necks. We did however feel that some simple matching earrings would go well.

Bridesmaid Earrings:

Bridesmaid Earrings to match Bracelets

I always love it when a friend asks me to design jewellery for their special day, especially when I get to attend the wedding and see first hand how everything has come together. I am therefore very pleased to be able to share with you this picture of the bridesmaids on the day outside the church wearing their bracelets and earrings.

Bridesmaids on the day:

Bridesmaids wearing their Pierrine Initial Charm Bracelets and matching drop earrings.

I am so glad we decided to use Swarovski Cream Rose pearls rather than finding a purple to match as the ivory really contrasted well against the purple and obviously match the bride’s outfit too!

I would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Holmes on their marriage and wish them all the best for the future.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing these designs and I would be happy to hear any comments.

If you like these designs and would like to enquire about using Pierrine’s bespoke wedding jewellery service please contact me on –



One thought on “Nicole Humphries – Wedding Commission

  1. Jewellery was absolutely gorgeous, thank-you Nic.

    Process was extremely stress-free for me (especially as Nicole & my bridesmaids have impecable taste 🙂 …

    Love the photo of the girls

    Nicole Holmes (!)

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