Pierrine’s First Award

Last night Pierrine picked up its first award at The Best of Guernsey’s ’14 Days of Love’ presentation which took place at the Baan Thai restaurant in Guernsey.

My First Award – (read on to find out more……..)


Several Best of Guernsey business members were invited to the presentation for placing in the ‘Top 5 Most Loved Businesses in their category in the UK’. The ‘Top 5 Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey’ were also in attendance to receive their award.

Everyone looked slightly nervous at the start of the presentation but once the awards were being given out, the atmosphere became one of celebration. Supporting other local businesses in their efforts and some also even meeting new people and contacts. It was lovely to see local businesses place against UK businesses and some even winning their category making them the Most Loved Business in their category in the whole of the UK.

Congratulations must be given to Baan Thai restaurant who was voted the ‘Most Loved Business in Guernsey’ and who hosted the evening amazingly, provided a delicious buffet of food and allowed me to take a doggy bag home for my husband (who was very appreciative).

It came to my turn to get my award and although feeling a little out of place at first, as a small business owner running it in my spare time, as soon as I had that certificate in my hand I realised that I deserved to be up there just as anyone else.

Pierrine's First Award - The Best of Guernsey's 14 Days of Love Presentation

Although Pierrine may be a small business, the campaign was about people providing testimonials for valuing a business / product / service, to place as the 5th ‘Most Loved Jewellery Business in the UK’ and in the ‘Top Twenty Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey’ showed that I must be doing something right and that my customers appreciate my personal, friendly and down to earth service.

I took my certificate home and have placed it somewhere that whenever I am up late working on jewellery, or struggling to find the right bead or wondering if it is all worth doing, I can look at it and remember why I started the business, pick myself up and continue my journey with Pierrine.

Certificate with Celebratory Balloons

I must thank all those who continue to support me and keep pushing me with kind words.

If you have not yet provided Pierrine with a testimonial and would like to, please do so directly on the Pierrine ‘Add a Testimonial’ page on The Best of Guernsey website.


14 Days of Love Results

14 Days of Love Much Loved Business Accolade

Firstly I must thanks all of those who took time out to support Pierrine and provide a testimonial on The Best of Guernsey website during the 14 Days of Love campaign, which is now ended.

I am delighted to let you know how Pierrine placed:

Top 20 Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey‘ as – 15th
Most Loved Business in Jewellery Category 2011‘ in the UK, CI and IOM – as 5th

I can now use the ‘Much Loved Business’ as voted by local people accolade (above). I am so delighted with the results as Pierrine is a small company which I run on my own in my spare time.

If you have not yet provided Pierrine with a testimonial and would like to, please do so directly on the Pierrine ‘Add a Testimonial’ page.

Thank you for your time and support.


14 Days of Love – Share The Love

The Best of Guernsey is launching their 14 Days of Love campaign on 1st February and you can get involved and be in with a chance of winning fantastic prizes including an iPad, hot air balloon rides, luxury hotel stays, flying lessons and more.

All you need to do is provide Pierrine with a testimonial between now and midnight on the 14th February.

To ‘share some love’, just click on the banner above to be taken directly to the Pierrine ‘Add a Testimonial’ page.

For more information about The Best of Guernsey’s 14 Days of Love Campaign