Pierrine at the Guernsey North Show

During the summer months in Guernsey, we hold several parish shows across the island. Starting with the South Show, then the West Show and finishing with the North Show.

The Guernsey North Show is one of the main events in Guernsey’s summer calendar, and takes place in the wonderful rural setting of Saumarez Park. Each year the Show attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy the displays of exhibitors’ entries, ranging from Guernsey livestock through fur and feather, fruit, vegetables, flowers, flower arrangements, cookery, photography, art and craft.

There is also a programme of arena events, showcasing local and off-island talent, and the Guernsey Battle of Flowers, which culminates in the evening illuminated cavalcade followed by a firework display.

As a child I have fond memories of attending the North Show and remember the buzz it gave me to enter the exhibit tent and find out whether my entries had won anything. I only started making jewellery late in 2009 and with a few months learning under my belt, decided to enter the jewellery section at the North Show for the first time in the summer of 2010. I knew I wasn’t going to win anything as was I very new to jewellery making techniques, but was proud of my piece and proud of myself for taking part and entering.

2010 North Show Entry – Chain Charm Bracelet

I didn’t take part in 2011, not sure why, probably too busy or using that as a pathetic excuse so this year after having watched Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Britain, where she learnt new skills and entered handmade items into shows, I felt that I must get involved again and enter. My jewellery making skills have come on a bit and felt that it would be good to put something more technically challenging in. So then came the decision of what to put in….. I knew I didn’t have time to make something new specifically for the Show, which I aim to do next year, but chose a bridal piece made last year which I loved.

It was a 5 stranded bridal cuff bracelet made on wire using Swarvoski Crystals and Pearls and fastened with a 5 strand loop clasp. The piece was made for a bride who wanted a chunky piece of jewellery that made a statement and matched her wedding dress.

Bridal Bracelet (Swarovski Pearls and Crystals - 5 strand)

Bridal Bracelet (Swarovski Pearls and Crystals – 5 strand)

I also made a matching bracelet for the bride’s sister who was a bridesmaid but a 3 stranded version. You can read all about both pieces in Davina Le Page – Wedding Commission.

Anyway, I was proud to enter the bracelet in the Show and decided to display it on top of a heart shaped stone to give it a more dramatic feel. The stone was one I found a few years ago on a beach and had carved for my wedding day.

North Show Bracelet Entry Display

The judging took place and I eagerly set off to see how my entry had done. As I entered the tent and approached the jewellery section, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my bracelet was awarded third prize. The entry that had come first was an arrangement of matching jewellery made out of a silk painting so I could see straight away how much work had been put in and loved the mix of blues and greens in the pieces.

North Show Jewellery Winner Entry

I was not aware you could put more than one piece of jewellery in under one entry so could have added the bridesmaid bracelet too but at least now know for next year!

Looking back at the piece I entered in 2010 and this year’s entry, I am proud of how far I have come in my jewellery making skills and if anything, this exercise has taught me to stop and remember what is important and that is to enjoy what I make and be proud of it….

Now all that’s left is to pick my winnings up next Friday. Now what shall I spend that £2 on! It’s the taking part that counts…..


Pierrine Competititon Winner Announced!


Sarah has won the Pierrine Competition to win £30 worth of Pierrine Jewellery.

Sarah’s name was picked at random for all those that have successfully subscribed to the Pierrine Blog and Sarah was delighted to win:

“Oh goodness thank you so much how lovely 🙂 I adore your leather love bracelets, so one of those would be fabulous. I’m speechless – what a fantastic thing to win and a lovely email! In shock that I won, thank you again so very much!”

She has chosen to use her £30 voucher to have a Pierrine Leather Love Bracelet made for her.

Leather Love Bracelet

Leather Love Bracelet (Clear Pandora Beads and Black Facets)

Thanks for your lovely words Sarah and I really hope you enjoy wearing it.

Also big thanks to all those who entered by subscribing but did not win.

Keep ‘subscribed’ to the Blog for news of future competitions.



Pierrine’s First Award

Last night Pierrine picked up its first award at The Best of Guernsey’s ’14 Days of Love’ presentation which took place at the Baan Thai restaurant in Guernsey.

My First Award – (read on to find out more……..)


Several Best of Guernsey business members were invited to the presentation for placing in the ‘Top 5 Most Loved Businesses in their category in the UK’. The ‘Top 5 Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey’ were also in attendance to receive their award.

Everyone looked slightly nervous at the start of the presentation but once the awards were being given out, the atmosphere became one of celebration. Supporting other local businesses in their efforts and some also even meeting new people and contacts. It was lovely to see local businesses place against UK businesses and some even winning their category making them the Most Loved Business in their category in the whole of the UK.

Congratulations must be given to Baan Thai restaurant who was voted the ‘Most Loved Business in Guernsey’ and who hosted the evening amazingly, provided a delicious buffet of food and allowed me to take a doggy bag home for my husband (who was very appreciative).

It came to my turn to get my award and although feeling a little out of place at first, as a small business owner running it in my spare time, as soon as I had that certificate in my hand I realised that I deserved to be up there just as anyone else.

Pierrine's First Award - The Best of Guernsey's 14 Days of Love Presentation

Although Pierrine may be a small business, the campaign was about people providing testimonials for valuing a business / product / service, to place as the 5th ‘Most Loved Jewellery Business in the UK’ and in the ‘Top Twenty Most Loved Businesses in Guernsey’ showed that I must be doing something right and that my customers appreciate my personal, friendly and down to earth service.

I took my certificate home and have placed it somewhere that whenever I am up late working on jewellery, or struggling to find the right bead or wondering if it is all worth doing, I can look at it and remember why I started the business, pick myself up and continue my journey with Pierrine.

Certificate with Celebratory Balloons

I must thank all those who continue to support me and keep pushing me with kind words.

If you have not yet provided Pierrine with a testimonial and would like to, please do so directly on the Pierrine ‘Add a Testimonial’ page on The Best of Guernsey website.


………………we have a WINNER

Yes, a year ago, on the 28th NOVEMBER 2009, my first Pierrine item was sold and to celebrate a year in business I launched a competition at the beginning of October to win a Bespoke Piece of Pierrine Jewellery (worth £35 or under).

I was so overwhelmed with the response and could not believe that within 24 hours of launching the competition I had 150 news Facebook Page fans! Unbelievable.

Entrants just had to guess which date between the 1st Oct ’09 and the 31st Dec ’09, I sold my first item and post a sentence as their Facebook status with a link through to the Pierrine Page.

It experienced a few teething problems as some people had never used the @ sign in their status to link to friends or pages or realised you could click on the padlock by the share button and select ‘everyone’ to see the post before clicking on ‘share’. So hopefully I taught a few Facebook users (including myself) something along the way too.

The 28th November was unfortunately not guessed by anyone so we had to go with the closest answer of which there were two entries both four days either side of this date.

Andrea Tinkler guessed 24th November and Michelle Shellarins Cronin guessed 2nd December.

I therefore put both names on a piece of paper and kindly asked my assistant (well my husband Rik) to randomly pick a winner:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The winner is…………………………ANDREA TINKLER


Please email me at pierrine@cwgsy.net to claim your prize.

Thanks to all those that entered and all my new Facebook fans for celebrating Pierrine’s year in business with me.

Pierrine Facebook Page
Pierrine Website
Pierrine on Twitter


Between Oct 1st and Dec 31st my first Pierrine item was sold a year ago. To celebrate a year in business, I am giving away the chance to win a Bespoke Piece of Pierrine Jewellery (worth £35 or under) for you or maybe as a gift for a friend.

All you have to do is guess what DATE it was and post the following as your status on Facebook:

I have entered a @Pierrine…. competition and I think the date is __/__/09.

Before you click on ‘share’ to post your status, click on the padlock by the share button and make sure ‘everyone’ is ticked for this post, then click ‘share’. You can change to original settings after, if you wish.

To enter:
– Be a fan of the Pierrine Facebook Page by clicking ‘like’ (if not already)
– Link to the page in your status by typing the @ sign followed by P and picking Pierrine’s page from the drop down so your entry will show up on the wall.
– Only one guess can be made per person.

Otherwise your entry will be invalid.

To check if you have entered correctly:
– Click to view posts by ‘Just Others’ on the page wall and if you see your post, you have entered correctly and good luck.

On the winning date a name will be randomly picked from all those that guessed correctly and be announced on the Pierrine page.

Pierrine Facebook Page
Pierrine Website
Pierrine on Twitter

Good luck and enjoy guessing.


The Winner is……………………

The @PierrineJewels Twitter competition is now closed. Thanks to all those who took part and a big hello to all my new followers.

And the winner is…….. @PurpleClem

Congratulations, you are the winner of the loved up bag charm. Please email me your address to pierrine@cwgsy.net so I can post it asap x

I really enjoyed networking during the competition on Twitter and Folksy and managed to increase my Twitter followers by 100%. I really think the Forums in Folksy are a good way of meeting people and advertising things such as this competition. At the end of the day all us crafters are just trying to make ends meet but enjoy what we do at the same time. Meeting like minded people to gain advice from, share our successes with and gain encouragement from is just as important.

Gaining each new follower or fan gives me such a buzz and reading about everyone else’s journeys is not only enjoyable but also teaching me something new everyday.